Our Superstar Contributors

Our Superstar Contributors

We are extremely lucky to be able to call upon a massive amount of wonderful people to contribute to Leadership Styled.


Our contributors 

The list grows ... here are a few. We would love to have your name here – contact us for information. 


Elizabeth Bandeen 

Elizabeth Bandeen is a professional massage therapist working with many a client from - Golfers, personal trainers, cage fighters, office workers, professional cyclists and footballers, people in remission from oncology treatments, people with Parkinson's Disease and Mums-to-be. Her passion and positivity is contagious, her knowledge is insightful!

Elizabeth tells us how to style our health and beat the January blues this month. Click here to read her article.



Kirstie Fitzgerald 

Kirstie Fitzgerald is a writer, speaker, mentor, and a teacher of tiny humans. She lives in Australia with her husband, 2 dogs and 3 cats. She has a Masters Degree in Education, online shopping and drinking red wine (the last two were just omitted off her formal qualifications). In her spare time she loves doing laughter yoga, traveling the world & blogging at kirstiefitzgerald.com.au 

Read her article on Laughter Yoga in our Health Styled.


Ashley Moore 

A passionate Glaswegian who wants to help people get the most they can out of life and work. I believe we should do all we can to get the best out of ourselves and the people around us and this is my passion. Obsessed with all that is psychological but will also be found organising life through mindmaps or putting the world to rights over a cup of tea.

Ashley also reviews 'My Stroke of Insight' for this month's book club.


Fergus Muirhead 

Fergus Muirhead has years of experience helping people manage their money, both as a professionally qualified Certified Financial Planner and as a regular writer and broadcaster across a wide range of programmes, magazines and newspapers (yes it IS him on the tv!). He is also not too shabby with the bagpipes having played all over the world. 

Fergus has written an article on how to style your wealth. Click here to read more.




Sam Kerlin

As our Space Stylist, Sam will bring to you his favourite, cleverly designed spaces from around the country. Melbourne born but currently based in London, Sam is a Primary School Teacher which a love and passion for interior design and styling.

To read Sam's most recent Space Styled article click here! 


Danielle Canavan

Danielle will be giving us the fashion do & don'ts each month, top tips and the latest trends all in Fashion Styled. She works in Television production and has a passion for all things fashion and beauty that we are absolutely delighted to share with you.

Click here to read Danielle's article in Fashion Styled!

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