Who is Kirsty Mac?

Who is Kirsty Mac?

Kirsty's main passion is in the design, development and delivery of Leadership and Executive experiences.

Leadership Styled was born out of a passion to bring a different discussion and dimension to the realms of leadership. All of the different areas in the website are the different areas we tend to speak about with our clients and so we wanted a one stop shop for these conversations.

Recently you will see Kirsty facilitating conferences around the world, designing leadership programmes for several financial clients and designing and developing her new stationery.

Her background is in sales with 10 years working with companies such as Marks & Spencer, Mattel and Masterfoods (effectively she has sold Barbies, chicken and knickers!). She set up her training and coaching business after training in Sydney with Drs Tad and Adriana James. She ended up in Sydney after going on a coaching course in London and then promptly selling her house and going travelling to find, well - something! Since setting up her business she has spoken in America, written a book, been finalist at world of learning awards, trained over 2670 students in NLP and countless in house in businesses, help set up businesses and consulted with top companies such as Bank of New York, First Direct, Sports Scotland and Disney.

Corporate clients Kirsty has worked with include:

Careers Scotland, First Direct, HSBC, M&S Money, Boeringher Ingelheim, Barclaycard, Lloyds, TSB Bank of New York, Sport Scotland, Kaupthing, GO training, IBM, Technip, ICAN, Barclays, NHS and Raise the Bar.

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