My favourite books

My favourite books


I need to take them away. He said. 

It's not like you have seen them over the last year. He said. 

We can just get rid of them. He said. 

The thought of losing them was unbearable. Yes, true they had not been in my direct field of vision and heart in the last year. Yes, true, I had not held them like I used to but – get rid of them? Take them away? 

Know that I will never see them again? Not mine. Maybe others, but they wouldn’t be mine. 


I love books. I adore books.  They take me places. 


I have travelled to mythical lands, met magnificent people and achieved greatness!  I do actually physically feel disconnected from this world when I read books. The written word fills me up, it takes me to different edges of my soul, it plays with my emotions and it totally disrupts my sleep. 

A good book means no sleep. 

I don’t just read a book, I climb inside them and live them. 

So, when the notion of getting rid of the books that I had in the lock up storage unit was put to me I swiftly turned into a moody teenager. 

Why would you do that? How could you even consider it? Its sooooooooooo unfair!!!! 


I love to be surrounded by books. My office has a lounge with – books! 

My bathroom has – books! 

My bedside table – books!

My Ipad – full of books! 


The only thing that relaxes me (apart from reflexology) is a book about murder. 

Yes, unbelievably morbid however my mind escapes into the pages and creates pictures, characters and connections so far removed from my actual world that I am happy. Infinitely unhappy if someone interrupts me though – very unhappy. 


And my favourite books?

Well, I am not too sure I can even answer this question. Its too hard. I shall tell you what they are right at this moment in time. 

Happiness is Harry Potter. I think JK Rowling is a literary genius. A wonder. A delight. I admire the execution of the whole brand – absolutely brilliant. 

Mind expansion is Danielle La Porte. I am a fan. A big fan. She speaks to me, she talks my language and I adore her take on life. 

Relaxation is murder. I have just recently read Harlan Coben’s new book – The Stranger. Cancelled everything – the most unproductive days for me! Brilliant – would have been fascinating for me to wear a heart monitor whilst reading this. 

Business brilliance is Seth Godin. I swear by Seth’s work and all that enter the Leadership Styled business have to read Purple Cow. When I started my first business – this was my bible. 


And the next book for me to read? 

Synchrodestiny by Deepak Chopra. I have a physical copy, I have it on all my electronic devices but haven’t managed to read it. It is one of my dear friends most favourite books and I recommend it to others. Still. Haven’t. Read. It. 

And so, I am going to finish this article and read it. 


What are you reading? 


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