It would be rude not to tell you about...

It would be rude not to tell you about...


The Fringe Festival – venturing to the dark side

Glasgow is 45 minutes from Edinburgh in the train. Edinburgh has the most internationally loved festival running every August (since 1946).

I live in Glasgow and I've never been.

A venture to the dark side has never been an option.

Although this year I am shutting up the excuses and getting my ass over there and, not least, I am going to dance with jack.

I'm fresh from the London preview of the talented Victoria Jeffrey's show.

‘Guardian’s Critics Choice' and Award winning 'Totally Naff Tart’  has returned to the festival with her solo show. Its billed as a slice of life tale about love, loss and redemption and Jack.

Knowing Victoria I was uber keen to see what this show would entail, she makes me laugh a lot in "real life" and wanted to see what this laugh a minute gal would give me from the stage.

And she surprised me.

She didn't cause belly laughs, there was a distinct let up of continuous cheek-burning-lactic-acid enducing humour.

Instead there was a journey of emotions and insights in a poignant conversation about life and love.

This emotional tale, this crazy roller coaster that she took us on ensured the laughter was all the more special.

For the light and dark times of life, for the costumes and to meet Jack go and see "Dancing with Jack" at the Edinburgh festival.

You will thank me for it... And you know what, you will see me there.

If I can do it, so can you.



SpaceTriplex, Venue 38,

The Prince Phillip Building,

19, Hill Place,

Edinburgh EH8 9DP


5th August - 27th August (Not Sundays)


Monday - Saturday 17:00 -17:50  (50 minutes duration)

£8:00/£6:00 (Con)

Press Contact: 

Victoria Jeffrey 07973 776 027


Sassy Lady Productions 

Written and Performed by Victoria Jeffrey

Producer: Victoria Jeffrey

Director: Anthony Houghton

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