Transition Coats

Transition Coats

It has been discussed...and discussed...and discussed a little more in the LS office...

What coat do you wear in between Winter and Summer?

Granted that Scotland still isn't very clear on it's seasons and in Spring we could be basking in 25 degree heat one day and the next it could be snowing, it is a fairly tricky conclusion to come to. 

It wasn't until we were "rushing" past Cos on our way to a meeting that we saw, what we now describe as, The Transition Coat. 

It is lightweight, long and delicate, with enough material to make it look like and feel like you are wearing a coat but little enough to avoid those 'in and out of shop' heat waves. 

The Transition Coat was swiftly bought and has not been off since. 

Anyone who has swithered this idea along with us, must go out now and buy their very own Transition coat.


DO IT!!!


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