How to dress in the heat

How to dress in the heat

We've had our 4 hot days of summer in Scotland this year and it was lovely. 

It was warm, it felt summery, but then comes the ultimate panic - What on earth do I wear?

Summer 2016 is all about the:

  • Patterns - anything with a pattern on it is in! 
  • White, light and summery, the colour white can brighten up any day.
  • Dresses - in whichever colour, a dress can steal the show and you are more than ready for the day ahead.

Carry a chic handheld fan for the hot train journeys or moments you may be taken off guard by the heat. 

Water in handbag will help you to cool down if need be.

Regular touch ups of the makeup will ensure you do not look like the heat has caught you off guard. 

This is all 'in case' Scotland has it's second round of sun on it's way.


Until then...wrap up warm!

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