The Fold Event update

The Fold Event update


We were fortunate enough to host an event at The Fold in London in February and incredibly grateful to all that showed up in their support. 


The Fold have wonderful clothes with a strong passion for professional women to feel good and look good. 


Our intent for the evening was to bring wonderful female leaders together in beautiful surroundings and give them an opportunity to have conversations that really mattered.  These strong conversations took place over champagne and a relay type line of changing room dialogue (one in one out!). 

And these leaders came to London from Chester, Coventry and – Columbia!!! 


Our theme was feminine leadership. 

No burning bras feminine leadership is not just in the females. 

There is a loud call for the art of the feminine leader at present – that energy that says “You’ve got this”.  

That energy that comes from the heart, the feminine energy can fill a room and it did just that on Wednesday night.   


To be aware of ones feelings, needs and values and have the courage to act upon them is the essence of conscious femininity”.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Marion Woodman 


We have been bowled over by the generosity of feedback that came through from the evening and are bottling that enery and taking it forward into the next event. 


Here's what some of our lovely guests are saying about the evening:


"Last night was fabulous, absolutely fabulous! Honey for the soul. I really was needing an experience like last night. You were right, it is so me! Beautiful people, beautiful venue, beautiful clothes. 

Thank you for your generosity! Very kind of you!

Finally thank you for being you! You too have an abundance of magic, and its contagious and inspiring!"


"Many thanks for hosting a lovely evening last night - I really enjoyed myself and had great conversations with some awesome women, some of which I hope will continue well past the event.

I am also feeling very much like an ecstatic Willy Wonka's Charlie today with a golden ticket in hand and am looking forward to any information you can send me and to meeting up with you again soon."


"I had a really  GREAT  time! Thank you to you both. Definitely let me know about the next one and I will be there."




Check out The Fold here! 


And click here for our next event!






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