Danielle La Porte

Danielle La Porte


Ever thought about getting a tattoo? 


If you don’t have one and are considering it then please please please think long and hard about it and choose something that means a lot to you.


If you have one then I hope you thought long and hard about it and most importantly don’t regret it.


If you don’t want a real tattoo but would love to see how one would look on you then you have come to the right place. Cue: Danielle La Porte’s new addition to her delightful, ever-growing range - sacred temporary tattoo collection…


We cannot wait to get our hands on them and show you how the LS Team are rocking their new look!


In the meantime, you really must check out Danielle’s new range for yourself and if you feel the desire to purchase some then we give you the go ahead. 



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Sacred tattoos

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Please add Leadership
Styled into my briefcase

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