Fashion Styled

Fashion Styled

"These are not the clones you are looking for"

Obi won Kenobi (& Kirsty Mac)

Fashion styled is about styling the outsides a little bit more to reflect the insides.

I often sit in the foyers of corporate buildings and watch the stream of grey and black suits (with an occasional blue) click through the turnstiles. 
There is definitely a “corporate look”.

And then I work with entrepreneurs who seem to shun the suit with a vengeance and rock out the trainers and jeans look. We seem to swing the pendulum of our style dependent on our environment. 

Now, I don’t mean we need to really relax the look and come into our next business review wearing a onesie (but if you do - send us a picture right?) but those people who really “get themselves” dress themselves- they dress their personality. There’s something about someone who really knows himself or herself and then reflects that on their outer presence. 

Laila Pawlak from Dare2Mansion says this in her interview. This lady is all about impact and she delivers. She will always wear colour and my favourite quote of “Do you dress up when you go in? Make an effort!!” really gets us to think about styling ourselves in all of our relationships.

My coach has her own style – she is so coordinated it is ridiculous! She picks a colour and then delivers on that colour. I adore it.  

Polly McMaster – cofounder behind the Fold had a background in consulting and finance and decided to set up the Fold 
“Looking as smart as a man in his bespoke suit gives a woman the same level of confidence & gravitas at work”.

When I started I was asked if this was just for females. My answer has always been no. I believe the fashion element is as important to men as it is for females. And so, we shall have features from male fashion editors and stylish leaders. 

Fashion Styled will cover great outfits, capsule wardrobes – for those travelling weeks and challenges such as “Smart Casual” (men – this may not seem a whole lot important to you but know that when a woman reads “smart casual” on the business interview its, well a nightmare…). 

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