To Culotte or not...

To Culotte or not...


Summer is approaching and we Britons can finally embrace the few days of the year when the sun is out and it feels...can I say hot? Well, it’s certainly warmer than the dreaded winter months when the trend is layers, layers and more layers because, let’s face it, without a few extra layers of fleece/flab we will perish. But now as the breeze gets warmer we can reach for skimpier clothing, hallelujah!

The only thing which gets a little trickier with increasing temperature is knowing how to dress appropriately in the workplace. Nobody wants to be the Bridget Jones of the office wearing a mini skirt and sheer blouse in a bid to prevent the perspiration. Well look no further as there is an office-appropriate alternative that is not only flattering but also so on trend: introducing culottes. Time to get those ankles out.

The only way I can think to describe SS15’s hottest new trend is as the offspring of a midi skirt and a pair of shorts. Culottes are incredibly stylish and can be a fun, summery alternative to the suit trouser and shirt combo. With a high waist and wide leg they are cool and create the illusion of a tiny waist so are flattering to all shapes and sizes, especially if you are a little on the short or wider side. Give workwear an edge with structured shorts in bonded fabrics, cool colours and statement prints.

I leave you with a list of 3 do’s and 3 don’ts to take into account when wearing a pair of these chic, skorts.


  • Turn them into this season’s hottest coord set with a matching jacket. Cara can do it, so can you.
  • Wear with a cute crop top and some pointy stilettos for the ultimate spring/summer look.
  • Experiment with prints and be the centre of attention for a change! 


  • Forget that wide legs can cause issues in confined spaces. I’d maybe suggest avoiding the subway and revolving doors
  • Expect boys to appreciate them. They won’t. In fact culottes are bound to attract some confused looks from around the office, but approving nods from the ladies. Be bold!
  • Shy away from them, assuming they will widen the thighs, on the contrary culottes have a wonderful slimming quality. Go big or go home.
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