The Fold Woman Feature

The Fold Woman Feature

Welcome into the Fold. 

As you know we had our Fold event on 25th February and are big fans of all that reside in that showroom of clothes in London!
We were super excited when Kirsty was asked to be a Fold Woman and got the opportunity of having a wee photoshoot with some of their scrummy clothes.


An article excerpt:

What has been your biggest milestone since starting your own company?

I struggled to answer that question because there are so many great stories associated with LS so far. Finding Rachel – my Exec assistant – has been monumental as she is so aligned with what we do, creative and a total asset to the business. 

Finding our office and decorating it in the way that fits with our brand was pivotal, and the space seemed to open up many opportunities.


Could you tell us a bit more about what you do at Leadership Styled?

Every day is different. I am either delivering Leadership programmes for corporate clients – this can range from full development programmes, change programmes or executive coaching. Or I could be researching a new brand launch or writing for Leadership Styled and the other blogs that I am a contributor for. We are also developing 2 new brands  - one of which is our own Stationery line ~ Inspirationery –  and another being my new book. Its full on! I am incredibly lucky as I love it. I love variety – I call it ‘business tapas’. 


Have a look at the full article here: The Fold Woman

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