Hello my name is Paul Smith

Hello my name is Paul Smith

Paul Smith has come to Glasgow and he’s brought a great, whopping exhibition with him!

Hello My Name is Paul Smith is a touring exhibition and is with us until late March. 

A must visit, with items from his catwalk collections, a replica of his office and a recreation of his design studio, we are given a full blown insight into what the life of one of the world’s biggest designers is like. 

You get to see how his magnificent mind works and where his ideas and creations have come from. A rare insight into his past, present and future. From the very first sketches and first 3x3 sq ft shop to his art collection and videos of his fashion shows, you get to see far more than the general public know about Paul Smith.

The exhibition is on at the Lighthouse in Glasgow until March 20th.

Running from 10.30am-4pm, Monday to Saturday and from 12pm - 4pm on Sundays.

We have treated ourselves and been along and can safely say it is well worth a visit!



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