Health Stylist

Health Stylist

The Value of Looking Up…

Hello and welcome to another Health Styled offering at Leadership Styled…

Being a busy little bee in the world of massage therapy, I get asked a lot of questions, and get asked a lot for advice on how to have better back, neck, and shoulder mobility… if I can I will give the best advice fit for purpose. However, right now I am going to cut to the chase and give a very broad ‘offering’.  Look up!  That’s it!  Look up, get off your phone! ( I really hope you are reading this on a PC…) or maybe lets make it ‘look up more often’. 

We are not designed to be heads down.  I am very lucky to have a job where I am constantly moving around, and when I do have to down some typing or paperwork, I stand, or have my laptop as eye level as I can.  Give your neck a break (a rest, please).  Be kind to yourself.

This phenomenon of constantly looking down has only become apparent to me in the last year or so as mobile phones get bigger, wifi is everywhere, games are everywhere too, (sigh) and all of a sudden I sit on my 10 minute commute on the train to and from work, and no one, absolutely no one is looking up at anything or anyone anymore.  Wow. 

I should really just start handing out my business card on the train ‘Here, you’re going to need this…’ I did actually do it at a Motorhead gig once, I gave my card out after the concert to everyone still left in the moshpit…

Looking up is wonderful, it’s so good for you, it relaxes your jaw and shoulders, opens up your windpipe to breathe, and increases your blood flow to the brain.  What’s not to like?

Here are a few things I would have missed lately if I had been looking down.

Handsome Spanish looking guy on my train (he was glued to his phone… great )

2 baby deer on the railway tracks asleep, I called the SSPCA and messaged Scotrail, they got them off the tracks.

A couple of amazing sunsets over The Clyde

Handsome man in a coffee shop (glued to his laptop)

Rant over.

Looking up is lovely.  Be my guest.  Notice what you notice, as Kirsty would say…




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