Can insomnia be good for you?

Can insomnia be good for you?

How much sleep is enough sleep?

The standard 8 hours...

As little as 4 hours...

Or 10-12 like some of us may need...

We spend up to one third of our lives asleep and everyone's sleep pattern varies depending on their lifestyle.

There are different stimulants that contribute to or interfere with our sleep cycle, such as:

  • exercise
  • coffee or energy drinks
  • lighting
  • electronical devices

We ask the question...

Can insomnia be good for you?

For a large number of people, getting to sleep isn't the problem, it is the fact that they wake up copious amounts throughout the night and then get up the next morning feeling grouchy and unrested. 

However, a broken sleep is not all bad.

It is thought to be proof that you are not sleep deprived or desperately needing an unbroken sleep. 

Researchers have found that certain people with insomnia or broken sleep often utilise their time in the middle of the night well. 

Some use it to do some work, write or read. Things they may not have managed throughout the day. 

In order to combat the stress and anxiety that currently surrounds "insomnia" you must accept that a broken sleep is not all that bad.

There are still ways to help your body sleep right through the night if you do want an unbroken sleep:

  • adjust your bed time.
  • sleep in a dark room.
  • avoid alochol for a few hours before bed.
  • avoid exercise for a few hours before bed

Happy Sleeping (or not sleeping)!

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