Health Stylist

Health Stylist

Resting, Resting, 1 2 3…

So imagine this.  I have a day off.  Housework up to date.  Paperwork up to date.  Lovely sunny day outside, and my first thought was… ‘what am I going to do?...’

The idea of having nothing to do was making me feel… twitchy, as if somehow I was wasting time, when really time passes exactly the same way, it just depends what you do with it.  I sat in the sun and thought about this further, then I just sat some more, and did… nothing.

When did the idea of resting become to alien not just to me, to society I think in general?  This was a real eye opener.  I have now started to give myself permission to rest, coming home from work and not immediately switching on my laptop, taking time to write, mind map, make notes, and I’ve started painting watercolours again.  I bought myself a new set last year, and hadn’t used them yet, because I have been too ‘busy’. 

I think possibly the key to having good rest time does lie in the art of being organised and doing small tasks every day as opposed to only blitzing the kitchen once a week, keep ontop of paperwork so you don’t end up with a pile of envelopes in the kitchen (talking from experience here), and would you believe, that de cluttering and tidying up has really helped too?  There’s a book Marie Kondo that is well worth a look, there really is an art to tidying up big style.

So, here’s to giving yourself permission to chill out, spend time with great people, spend time by yourself, not doing chores, permission to rest.  Switch everything off.  Including yourself.

Nama Stay In Bed… (see what I did there?)


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