Holiday health

Holiday health

5 ways to stay healthy whilst on your holidays:

  • Incorporate your exercise into  having fun. You may want to explore the area you are in so instead of hiring a car and driving around, why not walk. You will get your workout and you will probably see more than you would have in a cr anyway.


  • Research the restaurants. Find out where the good food is it. We are all guilty of indulging whilst on holiday and that is allowed but make sure it is delicious, well prepared food that you are eating and not deep fried fast food. You would rarely eat it at home so why should your special holiday be any different.


  • Always drink plenty of water, and make sure it's bottled if you are abroad. Staying hydrated will encourage you not to snack unnecessarily and keep you active throughout the day. 


  • Lying in the sun and getting our daily dose of Vitamin D is great but we must make sure not to overdo it in the sun. Too much sun and heat can lead to extreme fatigue or even heat stroke. Be careful and always remember to wear a high factor of sun screen. 


  • Treat yourself to some rejuvenation time. Visit a spa and get yourself a very well deserved massage or similar treatment. It will help you to relax into your holiday even more and you will reap the benefits.



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