Two is love and four’s a party! 


Beloved, experts in the ancient superfood, the date fruit, are launching two new Date Fruit Heart varieties, Rich Cocoa and Cocoa & Berry, in addition to the existing Original (aka Simply Divine) and Zesty Orange flavours. The packs are launching with a vibrant re-vamp of the current design across all four flavours. 

The five heart-shaped cold-pressed fruit treats that make up a pack are made from 100% dates, plus a hint of 100% natural orange, cocoa or cocoa berry flavouring. Absolutely nothing else. 

Due to the cold-pressing, each Date Heart retains all the benefits of the whole fruit. That’s fibre, minerals and antioxidants in every bite. 

Containing only 105 calories per pack, as well as counting as ‘1 of your 5 a day’, they are set to become a must have for clean eaters, healthy lunchboxes, and those on-the-go; what Beloved are calling their “speed dater” target audience! 

Convenience is key as the pack allows you to consume dates in an accessible format – no pits or sticky fingers in sight. Beloved’s loyal bloggers have started using the cute hearts as toppers on their latest cake and pancake recipes too, opening up a whole new home-baking angle for the product launch. 

The four variants will be available in the Dried Fruit section in Asda stores nationwide from 8th October 2016. The regular RRP is 75p per pack, with an introductory price of 50p per pack for the first 4 weeks. Also available online Beloved Dates!

Known as the ancient superfood, dates have a strong place in Middle-Eastern culture and cuisine. Due to their associated health benefits, including protection against cancer1, heart attacks, heart strokes and liver damage, they are fast becoming a popular sugar, sweetener and snack replacement in the West. With their unique complex of minerals, fibres and plant nutrients, it’s a date you won’t want to miss! 

Results of studies by Al Farsi (2005 & 2008) show that the strong antioxidant activity of dates may block the process by which normal cells are transformed into cancer cells. A study by Kuroda and Inoue (1988) reported that the antioxidant rich phytochemicals such as beta---carotene and phenolic acids interfered with the development of malignant tumours at various stages. Further studies by Vayalil (2002) showed that the date fruit was successful in preventing some cell mutations that lead to the development of cancerous cells.


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