Health Styled

Health Styled

How often do you get through a hectic workday on willpower alone? 

We expend a lot of energy in our workdays – meeting deadlines, working with emotional mood hoovers (they are all around us!) and rushing from meeting to meeting with a coffee slurped in between conference calls! 

The business landscape is changing and the corporate world expects more. Frequently, when speaking with clients, I hear:

“It has always been busy – but never like this”

“With the merging of the departments I am now three times as responsible and busy and I have been genetically cloned!” or “I am sorry, I know it is 4 o’clock but as we talk would you mind if I ate my breakfast?” 

Sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as the mental capacity to cope with the demands. Personally, I know (as do my ever astute parents) when I have reached my limit – my body just starts to break down and, usually (oh the irony), I lose my voice. It’s as if there is a part of me saying “we know you are just going to keep going and going so we are going to take away a part of you that you really need in your profession”. One day I will learn.

I also know that when I am super busy the ritual that can fall away is physical exercise. When I push myself too hard emotionally and mentally and too little physically then the legs come out from under me!

“Energy can be defined most simply as the capacity to do work”

Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
Harvard Business Review 

Loehr and Schwartz talk about Corporate Athletes. As a (physical) athlete we spend more time training than in competition. As a businessperson we are in competition 5 (read 7) days a week 365 days of a year! 

What is your training regime for business? 

We need to ensure we look after all elements of our health – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. And so this is the section we cover all of those – how do we ensure we are super fit for business? For life?

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