March Hares

March Hares


How much are you love love loving the mornings and our evening getting brighter (if you are reading this in Scotland of course).  A big hearty welcome to you, wherever you are in the world.

This month.  I have noticed heaps!  Odd to thing to say I know but that’s how I’m rolling with it.

Last year when we were coming into Autumn, it was a pretty harsh time of year, lots of endings, and beginnings. The conversations I heard involved, companies rebranding, people job hunting through their own free will, very much ‘I want change’ was in the air.  Coming into winter is always a particularly hard time.  What can you give yourself a massive pat on the back for though?  What have you managed to keep going through some pretty freakin’ cold weather and frosty mornings?  I’m giving myself a pat on the back for still hauling my ass out of bed at 0630 for 3 mornings a week to do my weight training.  A lot of that has to do with the fact that I train with 5 other women, who, if you don’t show up, are texting and messaging to see where you are.  Social responsibility, and some seriously good banter first thing in the morning.  Pat on back coming your way.  Done.  You’ve made it this far!

So here’s what I am noticing so far over the last month.  People getting ill.  A lot.  Stomach bugs, the lurgy, sore throats, unexplained headaches, feeling really stressed and anxious and no idea why, or no firm reason for it.  ‘I just feel awul’.  Your body is very very good at letting you know that it’s naffed off and feeling overloaded.  People may say ‘oh there’s a bug going around’, there is some truth in that, but how well can your body cope with the bugs?  Those people who don’t get ill, what are they doing? Illness can be a very good way of your body showing you who’s really boss.  If you try too hard to control your environment and cram as much as you can into a day, night, or weekend, your body and brain will dictate how long you can keep it going for.  

Kirsty Mac does a lot of work with the Danielle LaPorte Desire Map.  One of the fundamental questions the Desire Map deals with is ‘How do you want to feel?’.  Start there.  Just begin.  Get that blank sheet of paper and just keep writing until it’s all out there.  Knowing how you want to feel is a very very good place to start, about anything.  

Here’s an example.  I want to feel better about my diet, my health, and my energy.  What’s my next step?  Realise that gluten is a big red flag, gives me a food  hangover, and just freakin’ stay away from it! Realising what you want is such a great, great way of reducing stress and taking drama off the menu.  

So I’m a massage therapist, why am I writing about this?  Stress.  That’s pretty much what I am helping people to do, ease stress (and a few tight muscles along the way.  Why do the muscles tighten up?  Stress)   Anything that you can do yourself to tackle that is a worthwhile job I feel.  Give yourself permission to switch off and think.  Take that time.  Be kind to yourself.  You totally deserve it.  

Have an enlightened month.


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