Juice me up butter cup

Juice me up butter cup

We are embarking on a juicing cleanse this week in the office – its day 2. We haven’t killed each other yet so that’s good! 


I have been a fan of juicing for years and have been out to Jason Vale's retreats a few times. 

Absolutely amazing and such great results. 

To sum up the feeling I imagine the cells in my body are like little Ribena berries – jumping around all happy and energetic!

I do feel infinitely better when juicing, my skin feels super soft (its all those avocados!) my sleep cycle is deeper (I dream of sausages!) I have higher mental clarity and more energy (when I am on the retreat I work out for 8 hours a day). 


When we say to people we have 4 juices a day they look at us like we are crazy. I remember describing the retreat to someone and saying we had 4 juices and we exercised all day (not compulsory at all) they asked how much we ate. It is very strange in that you do think you should be eating a whole lot more to enable any kind of movement! 


Jason Vale says we are overfed and undernourished. And I feel that vividly when I do a juice cleanse. Once you get over the gremlins in your head that you “should be having a coffee in this meeting” or “wouldn’t the world be so much better if you had a brownie right now?” you do start to feel better and lucid. 


Grab your juicer and even having a juice a day will make a mahousive difference! 


Here are a few of our favourite juices: 


Beach Bear - from Toast in Perth





Redhead – Lemon Ginger Zinger from Jason Vale








Passion punch – from Juice Garden in Glasgow 


Passion fruit 





Pear and Parsnip 

(don’t knock it ‘til you have tried it!) 








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