Outsourcing my health

Outsourcing my health


I have decided to do an experiment. 


We – boyfriend and I – had a conversation about what takes up our time and let us to think about our life. Much to the disgust of our friends. 

One of the major bones of contention for my friends is that we have hired a chef in during the week. 


We are both busy and our downfall is in the picking up of food (ie being organised) and not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on food daily – (ie. food that requires you to pierce the film). 

(not to mention the amount of fights we have over my absolute (irrational) disdain of stopping off to a supermarket on the way home from work or airport. 


Your stomach shouldn’t be a rubbish bin!


Due to travel and our businesses we need to fuel our body with the right stuff. 

And now, we have someone who makes us breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have set a limit in calories and discussed nutrition and energy requirements.


Apart from the fact that I am taking way more pictures of food these days, I feel infinitely better. The food we are eating is sustaining us throughout long days and maintaining energy levels. 

The very first day, as we arrived home to sneak a look in the fridge we actually thought that all the meals had been prepared for the entire week!!! It turns out that we can eat a LOT of vegetables (I couldn’t actually see my boyfriend over the mound of vegetables and salad on his plate) for the calories set. Who would have thought? 

Its early days but, I am not going to lie to you, I am a little bit in love with this experiment (do not tell aforementioned boyfriend though as he has been talking about this for an age – deal?). 


What have we learnt so far? 


  • Stick to the stuff that brings you joy and you are in your flow with. 
  • We have way more time to together (I would love for this to be a beautiful quality time moment here but really? Honest and true?  This means aforementioned boyfriend can play Clash of the clans or watch Big Bang Theory and I can either read a book about murder or work – far more than we used to!!!!
  • I love almond butter blueberry pancakes for breakfast (so much!) 
  • We spent too much money on food 
  • We spent a lot of time not being organised about food
  • We are not fighting as much 
  • I love almond butter strawberry pancakes for breakfast (not as much as blueberry) 
  • I have lost weight eating 17 fields of vegetables daily
  • Our friends think we are mad and hate us. 
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