Health Stylist

Health Stylist


What an amazing start to April. The weather kinda sucks but it’s still daylight at 8pm!

Start as you mean to go. 

I have it on good authority that the fabulous Leadership Styled team are focusing on love and relationships this month, so here’s my take on it.

Start with you.  You are the best example of how much you want to be loved. 

However you want others to think about you, think that way about yourself.

However you want to be treated, treat yourself that way.

One of Kirsty Macs mantras in ‘the primary intention is to feel good’ in everything you do.  

Something I hear a lot of from clients is:

‘I have bad posture’

‘I need to exercise more’

‘I need to have a better nutrition plan’

To which I say ‘Stop slagging yourself off!’

People can be so hard on themselves, including me, I can be really harsh on myself too, if I make a mistake, I might call myself a name out loud, and put myself down. 

So, here’s a quick fire list of simple things to do every day to be kinder to yourself. 

When someone pays you a compliment: say thank you!

Get that new hairdo: go on I dare you

Be the one to make the first invite to go out: Sometimes I have a bad habit of living like a hermit, coming home from work, jammies on, cup of tea.. you know the drill! When, in reality, the way I feel loved is to spend time with friends.  That’s what makes me feel valued.  

Everyone has different way of expressing love, and different ways of feeling loved.  Find out yours by getting in touch with the Leadership Styled team, and they can guide you in the right direction

Start with you.  Be kind to yourself.  Be fabulous to yourself. Believe in yourself.

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