Health Stylist

Health Stylist


I have it on very good authority that there is a special birthday this month at team LS!

Let the month long celebrations begin!

In homage to said birthday, here is my contribution of 40 thriving ways to contribute to kick starting your health.

Some of these I have tried and live by, others are a wish list…

I really wish I didn’t have Heather Small songs going round my head… in particular…

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

  • Plan decent sleep, power down all your devices by 9pm, have a digital detox!
  • 40 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, either getting up earlier or planning a class after work.
  • Laughter with friends.  I have so many people in my life that genuinely give me a sore face from laughing, get all yours together!
  • Realise that you can have it all, but maybe just not all at the same time…
  • Give yourself permission to relax, kick back, and switch off.
  • Discover the joy of making fruit and vegetable smoothies.
  • Food prep like a boss so that YOU are in charge of what you eat, and don’t fall victim to the supermarket meal deal monster! (or the Greggs monster….. you can tell I’m talking from experience here..
  • Realise that you can do anything, but not everything.  One of Kirstys’ big messages is that we don’t give ourselves permission to NOT be busy.  Every day off does not have to be full of to do lists…
  • Act the way you want to feel.  Figure out how you want to feel, write it down, then make plans on how to get there!  So exciting!
  • What you do every day matters more than what you do once in while.
  • Start your day on time, every day.  Its amazing how much stress levels can be reduced by being organised, and getting up on time.
  • Get a massage!  I had to get this is here somewhere.  Physically you feel able to move better, mentally it gives you a boost and the day after a massage, I get through so many tasks I have been putting off!
  • Drink more water.  However much you think you drink a day, double it.  This is something I have to work on myself, but the days that I get it right, I feel so much better.
  • Meditate.  Meditating after a gym session boosts your growth hormones after a workout.  Get firmer by oooommmmmmm..
  • Make sure your chair at work is super supportive for you back.  Detox your work station.  Ask Kirsty and Rachel about the ultimate desk set up…
  • When you are not working, walk around like you are showing off a logo on your T shirt.  It feels lovely to straighten up!
  • ‘Never let go of your fitness, the road back is too painful’ the guy who plays Jaime Lannister.
  • Lift heavy stuff.  Get a trainer.  Learn how to squat.  I love love love weight training.  It keeps me match fit for my job and I love the way I look in my jeans now!  Woohoo!
  • Start every day saying to yourself ‘Something awesome is going to happen to me today.’ 
  • Look for the Bring Sally Up virtual workout video on YouTube.  Go on.  I dare you...
  • Eat foods with Vitamin E.  Great for smoothing out your skin.  Peanut butter is a clear winner but I’m not sure if Reeces’ peanut buttercups count…
  • Eat eggs!  (if you are not vegetarian) loads of choline and vitamin B which is great for skin elasticity.
  • Sitting is the new smoking (see number 2 again) it’s really important to do something that is the complete opposite of what your day job consists of.  The thoracic (chest) spine is a bully.  If it’s not happy, the shoulders join in.
  • Every woman I know that does Yoga looks fantastic.  Every man I know that does Yoga says that its changed his life, and it makes my job a lot more rewarding as muscles are more responsive.
  • What is your biggest barrier to you getting the body/feeling the way that you want?

Time? Willpower? Don’t know where to start? Access to resources? I have a medicine ball and handweights.  It’s amazing how much you can mess yourself up in 7 minutes.  Look online.  Get involved.  7 minutes a day? Do-able.

  • What’s your very favourite song in the whole wide world?  Listen to it before you leave the house… take note of how it makes you feel. 
  • Know your numbers.  Do you know your weight and your blood pressure?  When was the last time you had an MOT, and got your eyes tested too?
  • Every time you see adverts on the TV drop down into a stretch! A friend of mine wrote a great article saying that if you only stretch on the days you exercise, it’s like cramming for an exam, the night before… if you don’t feel flexible… go figure!
  • Sit and take 5 really deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Feels good huh? Try and do it at your mid morning break, and then in the afternoon too…
  • Go out for a 30 minute walk when you come home from work, or even better, do it at lunchtime!  Reclaim your lunch break!  Take time away from your desk!
  • Make your kitchen healthier – I have a house rule of not keeping any bread or cakes in the house.  It makes sure that I can’t do any random munching.
  • Have a spa night at your place!  There’s nothing like doing a salty body scrub, and giving your feet a good going over…
  • Think about the kind of food you are buying.  Do you recognise what it used to look like?  Or is it processed beyond belief!  Ready meals are handy but I cook from scratch 90% of the week…
  • Eat breakfast!  It’s so important to start the day properly with your nutrition.  You’ve been asleep for 7 hours or so, and it needs it!  
  • Think about what products you are using on your hair and skin.  In recent years I have got super conscious about this, especially my facial products! Its amazing how much stuff can be absorbed through your scalp.  A small healthy habit of using natural products, and ones that don’t need animal testing are a good sign that they are not harsh.  Hurray for the bunnies also…
  • Be aware of how much sugar you are consuming in the day.  Could you do with one less in your tea/coffee?  Could you substitute your tea/coffee for a herbal tea?  I have managed to get myself down from 5 coffees on average a day, to just 1.  I get my hit in the morning, and that’s me!
  • Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate.  If you need a chocolate fix you won’t need as much, tried and tested!
  • Kirsty has spoken about not just the need for work/life balance, but, work/life separation.  That sounds a bit more like it huh?  Is this a reality or a dream for you?  It’s a bit of a challenge given that we very nearly all have smart phones, but do you have an autoresponder you can put on your emails at the weekend? It’s good to have healthy boundaries…
  • Be super smart about snacking.  I need a mid morning and a mid afternoon snack to keep my topped up.  Favourites are carrot sticks with humous, or oatcakes with cottage cheese.  This all goes back to food prepping like a boss, and being organised for your week ahead.
  • Be fabulous.  Be authentic.  Be generous.  Be you. 


Phew!  I hope some of this has inspired you!  Life’s what you make it.  If you are going to do something, do it properly.  And that’s another Kirsty Macism.

So much love!


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