Health Stylist

Health Stylist

Happy June everyone! If you are reading this in Scotland, it's summer, honest.

So! This section is called Health Styled (no... You don't say?) and this month I'd like to concentrate on, not just keeping healthy during your working week, but keeping healthy during your working week, if you are self employed!  I am fortunate enough to have my own micro business as a massage therapist, and being charge of my own time, my workload, and my free time could be a challenge if I didn't keep my wits about me.

It's very common for massage therapists to be self employed and either have their own clinic, or, rent space within a clinic called The Glasgow Treatment Rooms, owned and run by Trevor Chisman.  The first thing I would encourage anyone to have is a healthy place of work.  Even though Trevor and I are both self employed we work really well as a team, and he is a fabulous mentor.  Go find your tribe and be with them! A healthy workplace reduces stress.  Happy bunnies all round.

Next up, make up your hours of business and stick to them.  Even if my first appointment of the day is not booked out, I am in my treatment room because you never know who might call! It's also important to schedule time in your week to catch up on paperwork, writing, updating your business plan.  I was making the mistake of doing these activities on my days off, it's really difficult to switch off huh? You trained as a human being before you became qualified to do your job, remember that bit too!

Also,the way that you plan in your work time, plan your exercise diary too.  I weight lift as its my 'go to' to keep me match fit for my job.  Don't leave your fitness to chance, it's so difficult when you realise that you need to get back on track, where does the motivation come from?  Keep your eyes on the prize and be wise with your spare time. Personally, I like to get it done and dusted first thing in the morning, so I train between 7 and 8am then drive home feeling slightly smug.  

And lastly, the biggest thing I have noticed about myself is that if I eat right, I'm happy.  Junk food = food hangover.  Not fun.  I food prep like a boss twice a week so I have Amy meals planned out 3 days in advance.  Here's the thing though... Surely I can't be the only one who has had a Tupperware explosion in their kitchen?  How come that stuff just seems to multiply without me buying any?

If you have enjoyed my writing, and are looking for ideas on how better to style your work life, just get your people to call my people and we'll discuss.  ( I've always wanted to say that!!!!!) 


My people, my tribe, are Kirsty and Rachel.

Be fabulous.


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