Can you quit sugar?

Can you quit sugar?


There is now an abundance of evidence coming out to support the fact that low sugar, high fat is a preferable diet. There is even a book - The High Fat Diet by Zara Morris and Helen Foster - click here to see more about the diet.

The world as a whole goes through an enormous mount of sugar, consciously and unconsciously.

In fact, worldwide, we consume 500 extra calories a day from sugar.

It can be a hidden ingredient in many of the food types you are eating. Low fat yoghurt for example has an astonishing amount of sugar in it (wouldn’t have thought that would you!!!). 


Now don’t get us wrong, you can still have sugar in moderation. This is simply a reminder of what effects too much can have. And as a result, we have decided to do the 21 day sugar-free challenge…

Our good friend, Ariel yoga Angela, also has a good friend, Debbie Cronin who has a ‘Sugar Free’ FB group where lots of videos/documents/recipes etc are shared. Angela has tried and tested the 21 day challenge and as a result, adopted it as a way of life. 


”My friend Debbie Cronin was first to draw my attention to the ‘dark side’ of sugar. Like many I had spent a lot of my life reaching for ‘low fat’ options. Realising the health benefits that she had from eliminating sugar from her diet I took up her 21 Day challenge she had set to friends as a small localised experiment. An increase in ‘good fats’ - double cream, cheese, full fat milk and eggs found their way into my diet as refined sugar items and bread, pasta etc made their way out. I could not deny that there was a decrease in the size of my waist and also my weight - but that was not the be all and end all. A stronger immune system is the key pull for me. Whilst most people are picking up colds etc my health feels the best it’s been! The 21 Day Challenge has developed into a way of life”.


The Leadership Styled Team have decided to give the 21 day challenge ago and we will most certainly report back with our findings!



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