Fancy a date?

Fancy a date?

BeLOVeD is a new premium food label inspired by the most ancient of superfoods; the date, with a
delicious collection of six products, each packed full of goodness.

Fêted for thousands of years in the Middle East as a nutritious and sustaining fruit, the date has long been undervalued in the West. Following a detailed exploration of extensive medical and nutritional research proving the benefits of including the fruit within a balanced diet, the BeLOVeD team has developed its launch range, determined to educate people to the advantages of dates as delicious and nutritional ingredients.

High in fibre and containing a unique complex of minerals, fibres and phytochemical’s the humble date has been proved to help protect against cancer, heart attacks, strokes and liver damage. Expert in date sourcing, nectar extraction and recipe creation, the BeLOVeD team pride themselves on products that are not only delicious but retain optimum goodness.
All of BeLOVeD’s products are vegetarian and only sweetened by its wholesome Date Nectar, which, better than honey, retains key nutritional benefits and contains magnesium, manganese and copper to support the metabolism and turn sugars into energy rather than fat.
The new range includes, BeLOVeD Date Nectar, made 100% from the date's nectar, has been expertly extracted to create naturally sweet date syrup that retains the benefits of the whole fruit. The date nectar is both a versatile ingredient and a tempting sweet topping. Priced from £3.99.


The range includes:

BeLOVeD Date Muesli; made from wholegrain rolled oats, toasted barley, wheat flakes, and flaked quinoa, blended with luxurious hand picked dates, golden raisins, dried apple, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds and hazelnuts. BeLOVeD’s Date Museli is a delightful way to start the day. Priced from £3.99. 

BeLOVeD Date Granola; made from wholegrain rolled oats, barley flakes and puffed spelt with pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, almonds, hazelnuts and a liberal serving of succulent dates. All coated in the naturally sweet Date Nectar and toasted to add crunch, BeLOVeD’s Date Granola is a delicious breakfast to sustain you through the day. Priced from £3.99. 

BeLOVeD Date Bars; offered in three tasty varieties and made from wholegrain rolled oats, tossed in BeLOVeD’s naturally sweet and sumptuous Date Nectar. The BeLOVeD Date & Nut Bar combines dates with crunchy hazelnuts to add a distinctive nutty flavour. The BeLOVeD Date & Seed variety unites dates alongside sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds and the BeLOVeD Date & Berry bar infuses dates with a succulent range of cranberries, blueberries and raspberries. A quick, delicious and nutritious treat on the move. Individual bars are set to retail at 99p, with a pack of four at £2.99. 

A fruit rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, the date interferes with the development of malignant tumours and cell mutations, helping to prevent cancer.2 Studies have also shown that eating dates as part of a balanced diet supports a healthy immune system. 

Caroline Pearce, nutritionist, health and fitness consultant, and former international heptathlete has long been an advocate of dates and confirms that ‘despite the satisfyingly sweet flavour dates keep us going throughout the day.’ 

Carefully sourcing its dates in Oman, a centre of date trading for more than 1000 years and a territory that boasts unparalleled expertise and date varieties, BeLOVeD’s products are uniquely delicious, sustaining and full of goodness. 

Save the date this April to try this new, delicious, naturally sweetened food range.

Be Healthy. Be Happy. BeLOVeD

Click here to find out more about BeLOVed!  


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