Health Stylist

Health Stylist

Happy New Year people!  I’m super excited about it being January, it’s getting lighter by 3 minutes every day, Spring is on its way, and I have discovered box sets Sky.  I’m not really sure how good a thing that is…oops.

It’s ok not to be excited about January.  Maybe you have too much on your plate?  How many resolutions did you make? And do you feel good about them?  Sometimes there is a temptation to try to start too many new things at the same time, for example, I’m hearing a lot of people speaking about Dry January, and onto of that they have taken out a new membership at the gym… What if dry January turns into a very wet February?  And then the self loathing starts.  NOOOOOO! 

Don’t follow the herd, make your own mark, be the boss of you.  Yup. I’m sounding like a bumper sticker now.  What do you want to feel better about yourself? Lets start there.  Be a tracker.  Get a wallplanner , or print one off of this fabulous website, Kirsty and Rachel have all the tools for you to be an expert planner and tracker.  Lets say for example that you print off a planner for the week, then you mark down on the tracker, every day you go to the gym, or you reach 10K steps on your Fitbit… winner!  Access all Areas pass into the smug zone.  

Work out what your target is, what your goal is and track it.  Just don’t try to start too many new things at the same time. 

Be nice to yourself.

My new thing this year is trying to improve my cardio performance.  I weight lift and I love it, but I have had that feeling that I need to add to it a bit more, and i have also been doing some reading about how healthy it is to break sweat.  So!  Then i discovered that you can pretty much enter any fitness regime you like into YouTube and gollygosh there is a video for it!  I have started a 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels.  i’ll report back how I do next month but so far I am managing to mess myself up good and proper in 20 minutes with a set of 2.5k hand weights!  Crikey!  I’ll be very honest with you here, I want to shift a bit of weight.  Not much, only 7 lbs, and it’s not going to happen in a week!  Anything new that you start, give it at least 6 weeks, and if at the end of that you don’t notice a difference, then look for something new, but do track everything that you do.  Take before and after pictures, take measurements, time yourself.  Be an expert tracker.  

Be fabulous!


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