Healthy Intentions

Healthy Intentions

We are trying something different this year...

Instead of setting the usual New Years Resolutions that many of us find difficult to stick to, we have compiled 2 lists.

A 'more of' list and a 'do less' list. 

We will make sure we do more of the things that we love and want to expand on and equally so do less of the things that we either no longer need or want in our lives. 

Personally, we feel that finding a way to set new goals for the year ahead, varies for each individual and so we encourage you to follow a way which suits you best. 

Either way, set the goals and give yourself time to warm up to the idea of them.

Your body isn't designed to go rushing to the gym in January and to eat cold salads.

Listen to your body, if it requies a hot meal then give it just that.

Yoga is a great way to warm yourself up for the year ahead.

Move slowly towards Spring and as the seasons turn we will be ready for more energetic activites. 

Our 'New Year, Be You' article in Mind Styled continues this mantra that we believe to be more beneficial.

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