What gets you in the room?

What gets you in the room?

Christmas brings us together...

...that and the delightful board games and card games that we play at every opporunity we have...because it's Christmas of course!

I suppose it brings back memories, gets conversation flowing and most importantly, it gets people in the room. 

Literally yes...as we have to be physically present in the room in order to play but what we mean here is that it gets everyone truly involved.

Since the introduction of gaming consoles and mobile technology, we have noticed a most definite divide at family gatherings. The children more often than not are pre-occupied, whether it be with texting their friends or challenging each other on a video game, they have left the room. 

It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside to see and hear the whole family joining in on a game together. Whether there be discussions at how the game work, laughter from the children at the adults or arguments as to who has won it is a delightful way and bringing back that connection that we, more often than not, are missing nowadays. 

Now...where's the charades?

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