Diary of a rookie Yogi

Diary of a rookie Yogi

My Sunday sermon involves hanging upside down in Ariel yoga. It resets me for the week. I have been really lucky to meet Angela my yoga teacher and she has got me into many a fankled mess on a Sunday. I had always marveled at the yoga teachers – their ability to look amazing in any lulu lemon outfit whilst tying themselves into a knot. I thought the route to being a teacher was a decade in an ashram in India and then I found out that I could do yoga teaching in Glasgow (colder than India but closer).

Before I knew it I had signed up to a year long course and committed myself to a daily practice of downward dogs.

It wasn’t until I rocked up to the first weekend that I really comprehended what I had signed up for. My reasons for signing up for the course was to deepen my knowledge (and perhaps see if my hip flexors would bend another degree) and to be a student! To be on the “other side” and learn was important to me. There was no real intention of being a yoga teacher, I wanted to learn.

And then the first weekend came along.

There are 35 of us rookie yogis and we had a Friday evening and Saturday session as na introduction and I was in super pain for the majority of the weekend. I frequently with my clients about “getting out of your head and into your body” and exercise is key for this and I explored the true meaning of that between the seventh upward dog and downward dog whilst praying for a childs pose!

The course itself is Seasonal Yoga which resonates with me and develops different yoga poses and practices by the season. As the founders and authors of the book “Seasonal Yoga” Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd say,

“Two hundred years ago we got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season and joined in with the energy and the festivals of the local community, we were totally in tune with energy and its natural cycles”.

 Nowadays our rhythms are different – or never ending! There is no clear beginning and end to our days as we are logged on throughout the night and we have access to whatever we want 24-7.

Working with the seasons speaks to me and, as we discussed in our January Leadership Styled issue it makes so much sense to hibernate in the winter months rather than get out there and start changing our routines and saving the world (hold off on that until March).

Through the weekend workshops I came to realise that this was perhaps more than me learning more about yoga, it could be a change in focus and living. Now, Ok I do not mean I have changed my life after one weekend, what I am saying is that this is bigger than what I first anticipated – I do not know where that will take me but I am rolling with it.

What I have learnt so far:

  • 5.30am alarm calls although very loud are so worth it!
  • The true form of relaxation – doing the Yoga Nidra – conscious sleep has proven to be enlightening in how much sleep I am    requiring (1 hour yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours sleep!)
  • Hip flexors can snap (!)
  • Winter is the time to avoid hidden agendas and underlying motives – and secrecy!
  • The organs linked with the winter are bladder and kidneys – be sure to keep your kidneys warm
  • Recording your voice for a meditation on an ipad whilst lying down causes you to sleep and hit your head – very dangerous!

I am getting through my mounds of books and learning and will have more to share with you next month… Yoga Styled here we come!

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