Seasonal Eats

Seasonal Eats


Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.


Believe it or not, there is a reason that certain foods are available at certain times of the year. 

The Universe knows which foods do us good and when exactly they are good for us. 

Look at December, Christmas, we love and relish the idea of eating roasts, soups, hot and stodgy tummy warmers....

...and then we get to January and we all want to go on diets, eat salads and exercise like crazy.

There is no difference between December and January, weather wise, therefore there should be no change in our diet.

Spring represents new growth and new beginnings and as such we should begin eating leafy greens and light foods.

Summer brings the berries, fruits and summer vegetables like squash, cauliflower, broccoli etc...

Autumn is when the weather is beginning to change and we should be introducing potatoes, onions, soups.

Winter is for keeping warm not only outside but inside so introduce meat, chicken, hearty vegetables, corns and nuts.


Listen to what your body is telling you as that is what it is most likely needing.

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