Health Stylist

Health Stylist

Happy February people!  Greetings from one of the Health Styled team.  It is an honour to bring my musings to your phone/tablet/Desktop.  

I do hope that you have all had a marvellous start to the year. 

What has the start of the year been all about for you?  I embraced January in its awesomeness and stuck with the seasonal theme that we should all be in hibernation, and get really good at paddle boarding or perhaps proficient in canoeing… (reference to the weather here folks, ooft!)  January, for me, was all about digging out new recipes for the slow cooker, and discovering box sets.  Oh oh.  It was marvellous.  I do feel now thought that we are all coming out the other side and the nights are getting lighter!  Joy, upon Joy!

As usual the one question that everyone asks you is ‘do you have any new year resolutions?’, and yes I do, communicate better, and more with people in my world, get back some that have temporarily gone below the radar, and on the health side,  drink more water.

I must admit that I thought I was drinking at least 2 litres a day, but a bit more awareness around this one made me realise that I was no where near it.  So, every day I now measure out a 2 litre mixture with a splash or cranberry and lemon, and I make sure I clear it.  The side effects have been quite surprising…. For one, I am sleeping so much better.  I get a much deeper sleep these days since I started it, and it must be the water because that’s the only thing that has changed!  Super cool huh? 

Here’s another good one (I think so!) for you.  Facebook likes.  How many of us love it when we post up something on twitter, facebook or Instagram, and love it when other people engage with our decision ot share, or approve of what we are doing?  Everyone has a cheeky wee bit of ego that looks for that, but here’s something to think about.  What if all the microbes, and friendly bacteria in your body, and your muscles, and your bones, all that… what if they could give us ‘likes’ for the exercise and hydration choices we make?  How cool would that be?  A round of applause for having breakfast and feeding your brain first thing in the morning, your  kidneys jumping for joy because they have water to work with, your muscles hi fiving your because you went out for a 20 minute brisk walk. 

Social media likes are ok, but not as cool as your own body going ‘way to go! We loved that!’

Here’s to ‘Liking’ yourself a bit more. 

Go get ‘em tiger.


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