Styling your health - scheduling you

Styling your health - scheduling you

Lets have a think about what Health means in general.  

Free from disease, upright, breathing, feeling fit, and able to perform all day-to-day activities without difficulty.  What about Style?  Here is a definition I just googled ‘a particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or a way’.

So! Lets think about that for a moment. ‘A particular procedure’.

Do you have a schedule or do you leave things to chance?  Do you have a particular procedure?  A Style?  I am a fan of a routine.  This doesn’t mean I am inflexible, but lets say that I have set things that I do every week and month, that I know make me feel fantastic and focused. Three mornings a week I literally drag myself out of bed at 630am to go and weight train.  Believe me, its not easy, I love sleep, BUT, what I love more is that great feeling come 8am of "yup, that’s that done and dusted", then I carry on with my working day.  There have been occasions where I thought that sleep was more important, and I haven’t gone and guess what?  I felt really rubbish for the rest of the day.  So now I fast forward to that great feeling at 8am and that’s my goal.

Think about your week.  Where do you fit into it?  Where is your time for exercise? And what about reading and relaxing?  Or… massaging and relaxing but hey you know I had to get that in somewhere!  As I write this, it’s been about 3 weeks since my last massage.  The day after my last massage, I flew through soooooo many tasks that I had been putting off for ages!  I had the most amazing focused day!  Anyway, enough about me, back to you…

How do you want to feel? What do you want to focus on?  Is it exercise? Is it more relaxation? The first step is deciding just that.  Next up, make time for your new focus! How about less Facebook time, and more of what you really want to do? Then… make your schedule but be realistic.  Don’t go too far into the future, but make sure that it lasts longer than 2 weeks!  Try any new routine for a month then make a decision on whether it works for you or not.   And finally, hang out with like-minded people who share your goal or focus. There is nothing quite like having a cheerleader in your life.  

Elizabeth Bandeen is massage therapist based in the fair city of Glasgow.

Elizabeth is one of your Healthy Stylists who will be assisting us in styling our health.

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