Fabulous February

Fabulous February

Hello to Fabulous February and Fabulous You.

If you started any lifestyle changes in January, keep going!  Don’t give up! And if you did give up, this is the purrrrrfect month to pick up the baton again.  Let’s do this everyone.

January can be absolutely the worst time of the year to say ‘right that’s it, I’m going to…’.  It CAN be, for some people, for others, its not so bad.  Personally, I’m naffed off with all these people started their healthy lifestyles and eating plans, and getting outside to exercise, and they live in the southern hemisphere!  Naff off!  I am seeing all these transformation pictures and thinking, yes it’s all so easy when it’s 30 degrees outside and you are tanned!  Our reality is maybe a bit different but can be just as fun.  Yes we are all dressed like Sherpas’ as the moment, but if snowboarding is your jam, wonderful!  Swings and roundabouts people.

So, here’s what is working for me,  and you can take some inspiration.

Clean eating – I was kidding myself in January that I had this sorted, but the reality is that it’s only in the last 2 weeks that I have got a grip of myself and stayed away from gluten and dairy.  These things don’t work for me.  What works for you?  What do you know to be your food truth?  Post it pad on the fridge time for me…  Be realistic, and above all be kind.

Meditating – Kirsty Mac is a long time devotee of this.  I , however, am still at the starter pack level, but that is cool!  I can only manage to sit quietly for about 10 minutes at a stretch.  I have been that way since I was a toddler.  I find it difficult to still my mind, I know I’m not the only one, but I must admit, it sets me up for the day.  Where do I do it?  Sometimes in my flat, sometimes on the train.  

Skin brushing -  I love this.  Perks up my skin and wakes me up before I get into the shower.  We’ll be getting to that stage where we may be brave enough to show bare skin on arms and legs, help slough off your winter plumage but using light upwards strokes on dry skin.  Men, this includes you!  If you are feeling particularly butch, mix up some olive oil with rock salt for a homemade salty scrub, use on dry skin then shower off, please be careful in the shower afterwards though!

Have fun with flexibility. – This is a good one.  Sit on the floor cross legged.  That’s it!  Play around, stretch your arms around above you, to the side, drop your head forward and see how far you can reach with your arms.  Marvellous.  You will be stretching everything along what I call ‘the back line’.  It’s a secret layer of climb film running up the back of your body starting at your heels, up the back of both legs, your back and then hooking onto the top of your scalp.  If you don’t feel flexible now, practice!  If a client feels inflexible what I ask them is ‘what will this look like in 10 years time?’  Love your body.  You’ll need it.

Massage – Well I had to get this is somewhere!  Here are some comments from clients this week.’ I feel so much better’ ‘ I feel like brand new’ ‘ that was amazing’ ‘I feel put back together’.  Then the day after you feel super focused and fly through so many tasks, getting organised, acing it at the interview or the meeting you had planned in.  Give me your body for 60 minutes, and I’ll give you back your mind. Promise.

Gift wrap yourself –  February is so great for getting ready for spring.  I can feel a wardrobe detox coming on!  What suits you?  Whats maybe looking a bit tired and ready for the charity shop or recycling? Every day, wear your best, don’t save stuff, wear it!  Every day look your best for you.  It’s a bit harsh but it works, get a best friend to tell you exactly what rocks and what doesn’t in your wardrobe, it will be the best thing you can do.  Seriously.  My 3 favourite words just now are Throw It Away.

Be Fab-you-lous!


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Be fab-you-lous

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