Leaders Interviews

Sara Seravalli

Sara Seravalli own and runs Double S Events throughout Glasgow... ...read more

Claire Wilkinson

Princes Square in Glasgow has the delightful Claire Wilkinson as their marketing manager and we were lucky enough to chat with her ...read more

Victoria Jeffrey

The delightful Actress, Coach and Corporate Facilitator talks Leadership ...read more

Rebecca Collingridge

We were lucky enough to hear the story behind Rebecca Collingridge, the awe inspiring, bespoke textile and wallpaper designer... ...read more

Karen McGowan and Louise Thomas

Karen and Louise, co-founders of Amaze Training talk Leadership and lifestyle ...read more

Marlon Roosblad

We are delighted to bring you our interview with Marlon Roosblad, Strategic Director and partner at Formlab... ...read more

Jim McNeish

Laughing, leadership and talking humans that set our pens on fire??? Meet Jim McNeish.. ...read more

Katrina Mather

Katrina was born here in Scotland and has now pursued her dreams to open the first well being retreat of its kind. ...read more

Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Black's tells us her inspirational story... ...read more

Lauren Walker

We talk giftable luxuries with Lauren Walker, founder of Suite Hazen... ...read more

Ralphie Lega

Ralphie Lega is the Vice President of the incredible 1FaceWatch project... ...read more

Jack Hubbard

A bit of a mountain top special interview with Jack Hubbard. ...read more

Laila Pawlak

At the recent Happy Camp we were lucky enough to meet Laila Pawlak. ...read more

Lachlan McWilliam

We got an opportunity to speak with Lachlan McWilliam from the Band4Hope project and we are super excited to bring you more of the story hereā€¦ ...read more

Kirsty Mac

Throughout my work I am exceedingly blessed to meet amazing, truly jaw dropping phenomenal leaders. Some interviews to help inspire you. ...read more

What did we learn from these female leaders?

Inspirational female leaders from around the globe tells us what makes them tick.. ...read more

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