Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker

Lauren is the Founding Director of Suite Hazen, an online boutique for unique accessories, small luxuries and giftable curiosities and has, in the past, worked in Fashion PR.

She describes it as; 

  “A very very interesting industry that will prepare you for absolutely anything. What you have to do, how fast you have to think (and I’m not necessarily the most organised person in the world but you have to be able to juggle different things) and to be able to talk your way in and out of things and to communicate with the press, so the lessons learnt from that will most likely prepare you for anything.”

Suite Hazen was launched on September 1st 2014. The whole process took 18 months from start to launch, initially from the domain name being bought to deciding to really really run with it all.

“We hit the button on Sept 1st.” 

And here is Lauren’s story…

LS: So tell us, where did it all begin?

LW: Well, I have an Editorial and Fashion PR background and worked for a magazine when I first moved from Canada to Liverpool. I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism  and so have always been interested in writing and communications. Then the time just felt right for me to start up something on my own. I knew from quite a young age that I wanted to build a brand that would be somewhat close to my personality and it came from there. I have always wanted to do gifts and accessories and that’s what attracted me to start Suite Hazen. 

LS: You have found some really beautiful items, where do you mainly source your products from?

LW: We source half of our products from the UK and half from the States. We have people getting in touch to supply us with their jewellery through the power of social media. We have a really really great photographer who brings everything together, he brings it all to life. 

LS: How do you create balance?

LW: I have to work at being balanced. It’s not a word I’d use to describe myself but each week I make a conscious effort to do so. I have always exercised, pilates, spinning mostly  but now I get to yoga at least once a week and meditate most days with the help of the Deepak Chopra app on my iPhone. 

LS: What are you certain about? 

LW: Live. Laugh. Love - they are three important things we can’t forget to do each day.  I have it tattooed on my ribs I’m that certain. 

LS: What gets you through the day? 

LW: Tea and Music and seeing beauty in the little things. Could be an old song that brings on a memory or just an email from a new contact that makes you smile about future possibilities. 

LS: How do you motivate and inspire people?  

LW: I think it’s just enthusiasm and my chatty nature.

LS: What brings out your dark side? 

LW: Lies and selfishness from other people brings on disappointment that I usually can’t ignore.

LS: What is your go to pair of shoes/lucky pants/fave song when you have an important meeting or presentation? 

LW: Being surrounded by the fashion industry in the past has brought forth a lot of great shoes. My husband, while dating bought me a pair or 3.1 Phillip Lim giraffe print booties that went to many a meeting. He then bought these amazing Camilla Skovaard black suede shoes with a tassel heel that also came out for a few kick ass occasions.

LS: What is taking up your thinking space right now? 

LW: Buying a Christmas tree, and growing the business. 

LS: Best person you have ever worked with and why? 

LW: I mean this fully, the interns over the years, all of them!


You don’t even need to speak to Lauren to feel that she is quite a special person. From the first email conversation that we had, we could tell that what Lauren had done with Suite Hazen was exceptional. She, like many others, had a dream and she worked her butt off to make it a reality. 


Click here to view the Suite Hazen website.



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"We hit the button on Sept 1st"

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