Rebecca Collingridge

Rebecca Collingridge

Following on from our fantastic feature on Rebecca Collingridge who curates wallpapers, textiles and bespoke designs. She really is a breath of fresh air and fittingly she loves nature and strives to bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoors through her designs. We are delighted to bring you a Leaders Interview with Rebecca who studied Textile Design at Bath School of Art and Design and then freelanced for fashion and interiors whilst working towards her own collection...and here she tells us how she does it...


LS: What do you nail in leadership?

RC: Encouraging others. 

LS: What do you value the most ?

RC: Authenticity…and good fun along the way.

LS: What gets you through the day?

RC: Loving what I do, cups of tea and dancing around my studio to Bombay Bicycle Club. 

LS: Best person you have ever worked with and why?

RC: My good friend and food blogger Alice Neil ( I created illustrations for her seasonal blog and she baked for me. What's not to love?  

LS: What gives you courage?

RC: The hope of a wonderful future and having earned it. 

LS: How do you motivate and inspire people?

RC: By helping them to see their strengths and to take joy and pride in them. 

LS: What is your greatest frustration?

RC: Numeracy. Numbers. Maths. Whatever you want to call it. 

LS: What brings out your dark side?

RC: People who leave crumbs in the Nutella jar. 

LS: What are you certain about?

RC: That the sun will rise again tomorrow and everything will be ok. 

LS: What is your go to pair of shoes/ luck pants / fave phone\ song when you have an important meeting or you have to present?

RC: As long as my hair (or curly mane) looks great, I'll feel confident. It's not always that easy though. 

LS: How do you create balance?

RC: I take my work seriously, but not myself (how can I with a hair do like this!?)

LS: What is your greatest fear ?

RC: Disappointing people. And disappointing myself. 

LS: How do you stay calm?

RC: 7-11 breathing! In for 7 and out for 11. Deep breaths. It really works. 

LS: What do you dream about?

RC: I'd like to say world peace. But sadly it's the selfish ambition to live in a lovely cottage with a beautiful garden, where I can drink tea on a patio in the sunshine. 

LS: Would you employ you?

RC: Of course! I can always use someone who is on the ball, moderately impulsive and hard working. 

LS: How do you keep fit for business?

RC: Research research research. Regular trips to London Design Centre. It's a competitive industry I'm in. 

LS: Favourite book?

RC: Anything by Alain De Botton.  

LS: What is the difference between being in a business and owning a business ?

RC: Owning a business you get to call the shots and carve your own path. It's much harder work and more responsibility, but I get to be Me everyday and do what I love. 


Rebecca has done exactly what so many of us say we wish we could. She is an inspiration to so many and we wish her every second of success and happiness.


Check out her designs here: Rebecca Collingridge



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