How much of our brain do we use?

How much of our brain do we use?

There is an ancient myth that we only use 10% of our brain.

10% of what? The whole brain? Our brain cells?

Neither of which can be true as firstly, a simple act such as clenching and unclenching our fists requires activity in over 10% of our brain and if brain cells aren't being used then they either die off or are colonised by other areas nearby. We simply don't let our brain cells hang around idly.

You might be surprised to hear that humans use virtually every part of their brains. Over the course of an average day, we use nearly 100% of our brain.

Our brain is mostly active at all times and researchers have found that there are no dormant parts of the brain.

This is why it is so incredibly important to keep our brain stimulated and even though it only makes up 3-5% of our body weight, it uses up 20% of the body's resources in owygen and glucose.

Look after your brain and believe that it is your greatest tool.

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