Can you learn from kids?

Can you learn from kids?

What can we learn from children these days?

Life lessons can be so important to use especially we we are learning them on a daily base.

Children teach us to be creative. To use what we've got and to roll with it. You don't need all the mod cons to have fun or to create something wonderful. 

They teach us to be courageous. Do what you want to do. Don't be fearful of failure or humiliation. Embrace life with open arms.

You will most certainly find that children laugh almost every day. They are happy. The simple things make them happy.

As Charlie Chaplin said;

"A day without laughter is a wasted day."

Do you ever watch children in awe at how much energy they have?

That can be you too if you encourage yourself to be active, to run around, to transport yourself back to those days when you did do that. 

Never be afraid to try new things. Children get excited about the unknown whereas we, as adults, fear the unknown. Allow adventure to exhilerate you and awaken your spirit. 

The most important lesson we learn from children is to be kind. Children have a pure heart. They do not hate, they don't even dislike. We can learn so much from that. 

You can always learn something from a child.



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