Desire Map Update

Desire Map Update

“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess super human powers to achieve “

                                                                                                                                               Napoleon Hill 


We had a wee taster session of the Desire Map in the LS office. 

And I loved it. 

There is just something quite delightful about setting the intention of having a great conversation. Everyone came to the party ready to delve into their core desired feelings and we created a little afternoon tea (great scones Rachel Ferguson!) to whet people’s appetite. 


The feedback since the workshop has been off the scale; people firing on with their business ideas, moving to new relationships, starting businesses and creating new products. 


What I found really interesting was in my prep for the course. Team D at Danielle La Porte have created something that is so delightfully easy to use and well set out and linking to their brand energy that I found I had very little to do. 

Usually, for any sort of prep for workshops and courses I spend hours –no, days – going through all notes and research.  And so, this felt easy. 

Well, it was easy however I felt dreadfully uncomfortable! 


“Simplicity is the greatest sophistication”

                                                 Leonardo Da Vinci



And then the day happened! 

And, effectively, people came along and had conversations that really matter. 

They listened with kindness. 

They laughed.

They reflected. 

They ate cupcakes. 

They checked in with what really resonated with them at their core. 

They made decisions.
They stepped up. 

They woke up their soul. 

And then they left and took action. 




The Leadership Styled Desire Map experience takes many forms: 

  • One to one coaching – either face to face or virtually 
  • Open courses 
  • Bespoke workshops for groups of people who work together/are friend’s together/live together. 


To contact us for more information click here. 



'I arrived at the Desire Map workshop with an open mind; I really wasn't too sure what to expect of myself to be honest. But I left with a more thoughtful and aware mind. Plus my 5 top desires to help me achieve an inspired day, every day. Thank you Kirsty Mac!'             - Ashley Moore - 


'Well……..what can I say?

Kirsty Mac has done it again! She’s the perfect sorter outer I know and genuinely cares about people and what’s important to them.

Kirsty supplied me with some wonderful tools to support me through some challenging times a few years ago, which I dip into on a regular basis personally and professionally and with the Desire Map Workshop now up and running, the Kirst has added even more powerful tools to assist individuals develop.

Keep on trucking Kirst…'         - Linsey Forrester -


‘Hi Kirsty and Rachel, thank you for my Desire Map experience at Leadership Styled HQ.  I fell in love with the whole day, it was pretty monumental, reminded me to switch off and catch up with myself, and got me back in touch with ‘me’ again.  It was a fantastic process to go through and I can’t wait for the next step!  My thinking is a lot clearer and I am enjoying my creative and learning journey a lot more.  Thanks again.'                                    - Elizabeth Bandeen -


'I loved every minute of our Desire Map Workshop, from how utterly at home I felt at the office to the amazing conversations we chose to have or not have (your choice).

Being the information gatherer that I am I chose to voice all my desires and feelings and share them with the group, but I loved that if you didn't want to you didn’t have to.

By the end of the day I went home and instead of my usual focussing on negatives or things/thoughts/feelings I didn't have or want, I felt blessed and content with all I do have and actually I'm further than I thought I was. A big thanks to Kirsty for leading us through a fantastic afternoon.'            - Ashleigh Malone -



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