Behind the Leadership Styled curtain

Behind the Leadership Styled curtain


Apparently our office is different. 

People leave feeling that they have been sitting in our front room.  

They love THE SMELL  (its always commented on (its good)), THE FEEL  (“cool Zen man”,  said one funky cocktail mixology master) THE LOOK (think: wall stickers, library, concrete flooring and sheepskin rugs) and the sounds (Disney music or motivational tracks). 


So what happens behind the scenes in Leadership Styled?

Below are some of the core elements of our day... 


We eat frogs

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day” 

- Mark Twain -


Brian Tracy's book “Eat that frog” states that the most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you do not do something about it is the one that you should be doing first.  How often do we hear ourselves saying “oh I shall just do this first, or this will take less time” because we have a huge ugly toad staring down at us? And, I certainly find that when we get straight into this there is more energy left for the rest of the day. 

Every day we check in to make sure we are eating our frogs first then kick ass for the rest of the day. 


Core desired feelings check in 

As Desire Map licensees it's important that we bring to life our core desired feelings in what we do. Every day we check in with each other to work out what we are going to be doing to ensure our CDF's are met. Having these at the top of our mind means we are plugged into source, rattle through our day and come out the other end feeling good. 


We have conversations 

Conversations matter. Words have impact and we are wildly focused on the conversations we are having with clients, colleagues and each other.  One of our wall stickers is “Be a nice human” – we use that phrase a lot round here. It’s a good check in. Are you being a nice human today? 


Word a day 

On Rachel's (cat yoga) calendar we have taken to adding a word that sums up the day. We shall look back at the end of the year and work out what we were doing and – most probably –ask ourselves – why?? 


We laugh. A lot. 

Sometimes it is at the random Skype conversations that Kirsty has with certain people at Raise the Bar. Sometimes it is at how slow Rachel can be at getting the joke. Sometimes it is because we have found the funniest thing on instagram that has to be shared in that second.  

As the Minister of Inspiration, Richard Wilkins, says “ Life is like a sausage machine. You get out what you put in”. 

And so we ensure we put laughter into our sausage mix. This ranges from giggles to core wrenching, tear induced laughter – a good mix is essential. 


We have an office cat. 

Well, she's not actually an office cat. Nia is very much Rachel's, however we claim a stake when she is in house. 

Animals are known to increase the levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin helps us feel happy and trusting. There is definetly a chilled factor when Nia reigns in house. We love the fact that the The Whisky Bond allows people to bring their pets into work – all we have seen are dogs and cats so far though. 


What happens daily in your life? 


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