Don't listen for the gun...

Don't listen for the gun...


My old running coaches voice still resonates in my ear saying; don’t listen for the gun”. 

We had been working on my 100 metre starts and I was losing ground from the competition. 

It had been sprint after sprint after sprint and the times were coming down but they were not fast enough. 

Jim confused me initially when he told me to not listen. 

It then hit me. I was concentrating incredibly hard – consciously - on the audible sound of the gun that when it registered that I heard it I was then consciously thinking about my next move to rise from the blocks. 


It caused me to be slow, sluggish and behind the pack. 


What are you waiting on?

Is it the sign that will let you know its now time to live your dreams? 

Is it all the knowledge to start your own business? 

Is it the time you need to have that conversation?


Don’t listen – just sprint! 

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What are you

waiting on

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