The Man With The Tie

The Man With The Tie


I was recently coaching an executive who I had been working with within a large corporate. He was known for his quirky ties. 

Our first meeting was in a quirky modern hotel so my pre-work for the coaching session was “make sure you wear your coolest tie”. 

He didn’t disappoint – I was faced with a yellow Warner Bros. ensemble of Bugs Bunny and wile. E coyote. 

Committed. I liked that. 

We had a good session, big shifts, ponderings, reflections, articulation of truths and firm denials.  He was being made redundant from his role after 28 years.  Big changes and hard choices. Heart stopping decisions. Anger. Hurt. 

As he rose to leave he started to take off his tie. 

I asked why. 

He said the company he was being made redundant from didn’t deserve that tie. 

He put on a somber, muted dark tie.
And he left. 

He left me speechless, he left me sad. 


How many of us are dulling our sparkle to fit into the environment we work in? 


How many of us are not prepared to slip into our best shoes or wear our best smile because the soup we are swimming in is toxic? 


What would you change? How would you dress if you were in the right place? 


Different from today? 

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