Decision Making Mind Stylers

Decision Making Mind Stylers


Deciding whether to send that email? Whether the new job is right for you – then think on this: 

“Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion” 


For when a decision has to be made but its just.not.happening. 

“A poor decision is better than no decision”


When spontaneity maybe a requirement in your life. Or at least planning something last minute 

“Ever noticed that ‘what the hell’ is always the best decision”

Marilyn Monroe


For over riding the perfection default: 

“If you are not making mistakes then you are not making decisions” 

Catherine Cook 


When we are unsure about what we want, think about what’s true to us:  

“…Its not hard to make decisions when we know what our values are” 

Roy Disney 


And remember

Sometimes the smallest decisions make the biggest impact on our lives.


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