Desire Mapping - across the universe

Desire Mapping - across the universe

Desire. Meet Action.

Danielle La Porte 


Well, cue the confetti, open the champagne and pull up a pew. 

It’s Scandalous! 


I first read Danielle La Porte’s’ book - Desire map- after an introduction from my cousin Kirstie (we do actually have different names in our family) and it was a Pringle attack. Once you pop you cannot stop! 

I loved her voice, her reasoning, her passion and downright kick ass attitude. And so, it felt utterly rude not to become a licensed facilitator when the opportunity arose at the end of last year.  

This opportunity has allowed me to introduce more of the work into my coaching practice and, equally, deliver some courses – virtual and face-to-face. 

We are going to be taking a great spin on these and bringing this work into businesses as well as from a personal perspective – all wrapped up and packaged in the “Leadership Styled” way. 


The process itself looks at how you want to feel. Because, effectively, everything we do in terms of setting our goals is a big fat hairy excuse for us to feel something. Taking the time to work on your core desired feelings enables you to navigate through the world using your cdfs (core desired feelings) as your compass. Working out the ways of your soul gives you the clarity to focus on what really matters. 


And I really think this has a massive play in the leadership landscape.  There is a place for talking about feelings, understanding and coming to terms with the fact that we all feel!

So many businesses are full of walking heads – I remember in one corporate a man talking about just that and saying, “ You are right, I am just a head, a walking head, I do not think I have been in my body for years!” 

And all these heads are, in some circumstances, bumping into each other and not necessarily having conversations that really matter. 

Danielle’s work focuses on 5 life areas: 


Livelihood and Lifestyle, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationships & Society and, finally, Essence & Spirituality.


The work takes you through a really simplified process – with a deep dive into the very core of you – through delightful questioning to get you to think feel what you want to feel. 

Our workshops will guide you through this process and will allow you to interact with it in your own time, your own mind – or indeed talk it out, wave your harms around and walk it through with others – whatever way works for you… 


So the question is, what do you desire? 


Click here for information on the course. 

And if you want to talk it through in more depth, drop us a line and we shall find a time that works for you. 

“Desire presses ever forward unsubdued”

Sigmund Freud

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