The Professional Playground

DARE2mansion is a Professional Playground for startups that are ambitious about making a positive impact. The Mansion combines a new model of incubation and co-working that inspires, empowers, and connects people who do business differently – those who create change by motivating their customers to DO, FEEL, LOOK and BE better. We also practice the values of DARE, CARE, SHARE meaning that we dare to jump into the unknown and try to disrupt the world as we know it. We share our experiences, tips, successes, and failures to learn from one another. We care about our fellow Mansioners and help each other whenever possible. We believe in purpose AND profit!

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The Mansion is based on a model of diversity. We believe you learn the best and the most from people who are different than you. By looking at another’s best principles, you are always being exposed to unique opportunities, a fresh way of thinking and different core competencies. You never know what you’ll see or learn at the Mansion. We have every kind of startup from Team Jiyo, a leading parkour team with more than 100.000 friends on facebook who build parkour parks and run their own clothing line, to app and software developers who develop new mobile payments and customer experience solutions, and Thomas Dambo who has his own maker space at our place creating really cool art from up- and-recycled materials that affects hundreds of thousands of people. You can read more about them here www.dare2mansion.com/meet-the-mansioners

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Accepted startups are provided access to investors, creative outlets, workshops, and learning experiences that help shoot themselves into the stratosphere.  It is the Mansion’s goal to provide a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem around these movers and shakers to bring their businesses to the next level.

To facilitate this, the Mansioners eat lunch together everyday. We serve up brain food that optimizes our bodies to conquer the world. We do brain jams where we discuss and challenge the ideas and problems that our residents are grappling with. We start the week off right with Thinking Tuesdays – an inspiration workshop that will help you improve your start up through talks with experts that can cover anything from attracting investors to marketing tools. The goal is to help your business grow.

When you need to shut off from the world, there’s a meditation room to strengthen your focus or just grab a power nap and, when you need an extra energy boost, you can tap into the unlimited supply of organic coffee or tea. There’s also an extensive library for expanding your knowledge and fun arcade games and a fooseball table for goofing off.

We dare, care and share.

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Professional Playground for Corporates

The concept of the Professional Playground not only extends to startups, but also corporations who are looking for a fresh perspective. The cool and creative rooms of the Mansion can also be booked for all sorts of events. They can be rented for your company’s next meeting, conference, workshop or playshop. Our unconventional facilities can host anywhere from 2 to 150 people and are perfect for creating unique and memorable experiences that are guaranteed to bring you out of the oh-so famous box.

Read our inspiring leaders interview with co-founder and owner
Laila Pawlak

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Work is play here and we like to think we have fun together every day!

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