Space Styled

Space Styled

I find 'space’ incredibly important. 
Like today for example, I have booked a room in a really cool hotel, which allows me to write on the walls and create. The result? I have fired through a tonne of work, created some new neurological connections and gave birth to a million ideas.  
Amazing places, genius design – those locations that ignite your creativity and brilliance is what we search for in ‘Space styled’. In my role as coach I continue to be amazed in the depth of the conversation and results when we get people to change location. 

Our environment has a huge impact on our behaviours and outputs. 

We are lucky enough to stumble upon superb locations in our roles and so we would feel rude not to share them with you. 
Whether you would like to hold a meeting, a conference or need a place to go to relax and unwind we shall take the bullet for the team and discover these places for you! 
I know, I know – too kind.

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