Unleash your creativity

Unleash your creativity

I travelled extensively towards the end of last year. And with that travel came a very wide variety of hotel rooms and conference rooms. 
Some – delightful.

Some would warrant the police “do not cross tape”.

Most of the work was for delivering leadership experiences and so we would be in conference halls for c. 70 – 350 people. 

External agents who, obviously, are focused on budget and convenience can book most of the venues. And, more often than not, they have never set foot in the actual building.

I am a big visual person. If I initially see something, I know straight away whether it feels right.

To be in the right space is, for me, so important for creativity, thoughts, ideas and plans to be brought to life and put in place. 

It opens the debate as to why so many conference rooms don't have windows. 

Why should people be stuck inside, without seeing daylight for hours on end?

It is not natural. And surely cannot be beneficial.

The height of the ceilings can also have a major impact on the acoustics and the energy in the room.

And for the love of – do you really want pillars blocking people’s views?

Nature brings alive our senses – fresh air, space, light and some greenery always helps. Hospital patients who face a window and nature have been known to have a higher pain threshold and experience quicker recoveries.

I witnessed vast difference in the level of conversation, energy and focus in the rooms that created space to walk around – getting into your body and ‘out of your head’ creates a different resonance in the conversation.

I plead with you all, take these factors into consideration and it will make the world of a difference. 

I feel it, almost instantly, when I enter my favourite hotel - CITIZEN M - I feel at home.

I feel calm. I feel inspired. 

Or maybe install a shower or toilet in the meeting rooms – I often have my best ideas in the shower!!

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