Stationery styled

We believe

Life is meant to be written down in books of high quality, unlined paper (always!) with funky covers and cute quotes.

Ideas of brilliance have to be noted on a fun classy post it.

And your life to be styled in your journal with a free flowing pen of delightful proportions.

I'm a little bit (read: majorly to a slightly unhealthy manner!) obsessed with stationery. There's some heart wrenching out of body experience that happens to me when I walk past a Paperchase.  

Clients know to keep me away from their stationery cupboard.

The idea of having my own has been a dream in my head for a long time. It felt rude to keep it in my head. And even if this just adds to my ever growing piles of notebooks (because you can never have enough right?) then that's ok... I'm cool with that (boyfriend?… Not so much) 

We shall also be featuring exquisite stationery brands that help us style our way through the working day (this is just a big fat excuse for us to make friends with people that make pretty things).

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Happiness is super cute stationery.

That's why we are always so happy!

I have an unatural love of stationery.

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Styled into my briefcase

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