Stashd App

Stashd App

We were recently on a webinar with The Entourage and Founder of Stashd App, Jess Wilson. 

Jess is a female tech entrepreneuer, who has turned a dream into reality. At the age of 22 Jess saw a gap in the market for a fashion based shopping app that could be used on mobile devices and has since caught the attention of Forbes and Richard Branson. 

Jess has done something alot of us can only dream of and as a result is loving every minute of it. 

One of her best business tips is to network wherever you go. Jess says she has met some of her most life-changing contacts in the girl's bathrooms at events that she is attending. Certainly something to keep in mind when you are out and about. 

Another great piece of advice that she has is; "Say yes to everything and then figure it out afterwards. Remember that failures are part of the journey."

Jess has had an entrepreneurial streak from a young age, at 16, starting her own company running after parties on her farm. She loves to take opportunites and in turn get the fulfillment that comes with succeeding. 

Stashd is an iPhone app which provides a single fashion destination to discover, share and purchase. It is Jess's biggest success to date.

The team describes it: 

"While scrolling works fantastically on desktop and tablet devices, we love that the tactile nature of mobile devices allow people to interact with content in new ways and so we worked hard to apply an addictive swiping motion to luxury fashion content. As seen as we fired up our first beta we were hooked, and having recently celebrated our 500,000th garment being ‘stashd’ on the app we are really honoured that other people find it addictive too."


To see how Stashd works and to download it click here!


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